A few days ago I had to say goodbye to a group of people from all over the world who lived with me for a month. Goodbye to the bond that we built and to all of what being together meant. At times, I thought the bond would last forever, but reality slapped me in […]


We are tiny in this universe. Just think about it. Take a good look outside and imagine a camera recording you from out there. This camera starts to move backwards, making you look smaller with every inch that it moves. As it moves backwards you start to see everything from a different perspective. You see […]

On friendship

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of sharing life with those that I call my friends. That is a big word, isn’t it? What does being a friend mean? It is not something about one can talk lightly about but it is a wonderful thing indeed. Being friends requires an agreement between both […]

The day my life changed

I was not free. But didn’t realize I wasn’t. I used to live trapped in a cage and could not find a way out. “This is how it is going to be forever.” I thought, convinced that I would never feel that freedom. “(sigh) well, it’s not too bad. I think I can live with […]

Great expectations

We constantly cultivate great expectations everywhere we go. We expect for a better day. Expect better health. Expect the economy to grow. Expect our peers to respect us and to have everyone treat us as we want them to. Expect our expectations to meet our expectations. Expectations are not necessarily something negative. They may provide […]

Stop trying to be original

We spend our days and lives longing to be “different”, “special”, “remarkable”, “worth talking to” or “being with” and in the end we fail to realize the simplest of things: We already are. Being original is in our essence because both in the rock bottom and in the dry surface every single one of us […]

Finding value in our phones

The problem We stare at them for hours without realizing that time passes. It is magical. Surreal. Intergalactical. A screen that radiates light and some vague sort of entertainment sucks the life out of our days. Out of our lives. Because we fail to see the outer world. The one that is real. And matters. […]

I’m out there

Hi, I stepped out. Out there. And found this place. A place in which I will try to share my thoughts. To share my visions and beliefs. To share stories, ideas for stories and maybe a poem. This is a place in which hopefully you will be able to see who I am and, who […]